The New Mutants Three years ago, which honestly feels like ten at this point, Fox announced The New Mutants – what was, at the time, the latest in their genre specific X-Men spinoffs, following the raunchy comedy of Deadpool and the western drama of Logan. Josh Boone, the filmmaker behind The Fault in Our Stars, was brought in with a cast of young stars (Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Charlie Heaton) to turn the property into a veritable horror showcase.

And then things started to go pear-shaped.

The first trailer was released, to mixed results, and then the suits at Fox got involved. Release dates kept getting switched, there were multiple reports of studio interference, including talk of extensive (nearly 50%) reshoots and the addition of the Warlock character from the Claremont/Sienkiewicz run, even worse…and this is how you know things have really gone off the rails, Jon Hamm was supposed to show up in a cameo at the end as Mister Sinister…but then suddenly, he was switched out for Antonio Banderas, who wasn’t playing Mister Sinister.

It’s enough to make your head spin. And then Disney came into the picture, and there was a serious question as to whether the movie would even be released in theaters at all. The much talked-about, even among its stars, reshoots never actually occurred; but now it looks like Disney is going to indeed roll Josh Boone’s The New Mutants out just as it was originally intended, free of any interference.

A victory really! Though it’s a small one perhaps, as Disney is only releasing this as an obligation more than anything and it won’t have any real impact on the future of the overall X-franchise in whatever shape it takes in the MCU.

With that said, here’s the new trailer!

The now Disney-released, but still Fox-bannered, The New Mutants will release on April 3rd.


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