You can just tell the folks running things behind the scenes on Dark Phoenix really don’t care what happens with this film post-Disney purchase, because:

A) They released it in the middle of the night

B) They presumably spoil a major character death right up front (also saving someone from having to do press for it I guess)

C) It’s another pretty ho-hum trailer, though that’s probably just a reflection of the material they’re working with…

And based on what’s presented here, it looks like we’re doing X-Men: The Last Stand again – though one only hopes, better this time. Directed by, ironically, the writer of The Last Stand and X-Men: Apocalypse, Simon Kinberg in his first feature film. It picks up in the 90’s with Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey being taken over by the Phoenix Force that helped save the day at the end of Apocalypse, but now it’s lived long enough to become the villain – and so it’s Jean vs. the X-Men and Magneto, and everybody’s shouting.


I’ll be really interested to see how this does at the box office – on the one hand, everyone in the know realizes this thing is about to be wiped away into “non-canon” status by whatever Marvel Studios does next with the characters, but on the other I don’t know how far that cultural awareness really seeps into general audience goers. It is still an X-Men movie after all, though the last one didn’t exactly set the world ablaze financially either.

Begs the question though, will The New Mutants ever actually come out?


  1. Coming on the tail of Infinity War/Endgame, this movie can’t possibly be any good. For any chance at the box office they should have put it out as it was originally scheduled, last year, to benefit from temporary avengers vacuum. especially with zero respect to the source material. Good thing they at least got rid of Jennifer Lawrence, she’s a terrible actress.

  2. This looks great, and it’s got everything in it that I wanted to see. Legitimately the only superhero movie I’m definitely going going to see other than Endgame. Looking forward to it, at the flicks!

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