Remember how I said yesterday the existence of a Morbius film was the clearest sign ever that comics basically rule the world right now? Well, let’s double down on that statement, because here comes the next trailer for Bloodshot! Yes, an actual Bloodshot movie, starring action icon Vin Diesel no less, is coming to a theater near you in March.

Not only is Diesel finally becoming a comic book movie hero (where you can actually see him, sorry Groot), but it also stars Guy Pearce who is basically walking cat-nip for this critic. Though it’s worth noting that Diesel basically looks like himself throughout until the very end of the trailer where the familiar pasty complexion of the Kevin VanHook, Don Perlin and Bob Layton created character makes its debut. I guess this is more the build up to him becoming Bloodshot…everybody needs an origin story! Here’s the trailer:

The road to this film coming to the big screen has been a really long one, stretching back to the deal that brought DMG into the Valiant fold in order to create a shared universe of Valiant movie properties, which then led to a full-blown DMG purchase of Valiant. Bloodshot was always intended to be the first salvo of said cinematic universe, with Harbinger to have followed, and then a crossover entitled Harbinger Wars to bring the two together (and probably much of the rest of the Valiant characters of interest). But, Harbinger jumping from Sony to Paramount changed all that, and now it’s being reported that Bloodshot likely won’t play as big a role in the larger scheme of Valiant Entertainment’s box office domination plans.

But that doesn’t mean a lot isn’t still riding on the film, as this is still a huge debut for the company and it’ll be fascinating to see if a superhero that is well-known to comics fans (Bloodshot was a big 90’s boom character, and has had a number of recent critically well received-runs), will click with general audiences. The Diesel factor can’t be disregarded either.

We’ll know soon, as Bloodshot opens on March 13th.


  1. I’m a long time fan of the character and while the trailer looks good, it basically just Vin. At least in the webseries they made an attempt to make him resemble the character as we know him. I’ll still probably see the film, as I’m curious.

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