A little more serious than you were expecting?  Granted, the original didn’t start out as campy as it ended up.  Dr. Smith was a different person before his nervous breakdown.

The Robot certainly has a different look in this version.  Perhaps a dark secret, as well.  And Parker Posey seems like quite a departure from Jonathan Harris in the role of Dr. Smith.

Time to adjust expectations now that we’ve seen a bit of it.


  1. The gender-swap for Dr. Smith wasn’t really a surprise for me, but I was not expecting Robot to (apparently) be an artifact of an alien civilization.

  2. Just more proof that modern liberal Hollywood can’t find any writers with their own imaginations. Now they all have to take someone else’s work and re-do it in their own image.
    Untalented hacks.

  3. I’m not really fond of hollywood re-working old shows to cash in on name recognition. I understand it makes for easier marketing and they’ve been doing this since they remade silent movies as talkies. Still this looks interesting enough.

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