Haven’t had enough of Marvel’s Generations yet? The series of one-shots pairing legacy heroes with the moniker founders continues this week and we’ve got the verdict on whether Generations: Wolverine & All-new Wolverine #1 reigns supreme this week on The Marvel Rundown– you’re already here, so give it a read!

Generations: Wolverine & All-new Wolverine #1

Written by Tom Taylor
Drawn by Ramon Rosanas 
Colored by Nolan Woodard
Lettered by VC’s Clayton Cowles

Alexander Jones: Logan and Laura are heading to Japan in this week’s issue of Generations– you know…the comic where contemporary Marvel heroes team up with the Legacy versions of themselves! But AJ….was Generations: Wolverine & All-new Wolverine #1 loaded with pointless exposition and thin characterization or was it a comic book creme brûlée of everything Generations has to offer?

AJ Frost: Hey Alex! Well, as you know from last week, I’m not as astute in the complexities of the X-Men universe and lore. As an analytical reader, I was tentative on the prospect of this team up, namely because I find Wolverine so tremendously overused and kitschy. Even when writers explore the “dark recesses” of Wolverine, it usually falls flat for me. Story-wise, it’s boilerplate comics stuff. But the overall feel of the book is really, really solid. As for the creme brulee, there are elements of the book approaching whatever passes for ultra-sweetness in the X-Men universe, but it was tempered by the spilling of lots of blood.

Jones: Tom Taylor utilized the relationship between Laura and Logan in a perfect manner. The chemistry didn’t seem dull or forced and the two of them immediately seemed to get into a nice flow. There was some heartbreak regarding Wolverine’s death in current continuity punctuating the issue beautifully. So far the Generations titles have just been accomplishing a higher and higher level of quality. This comic book taps into Taylor’s greatest strengths as a writer and despite being a simple one-shot never felt phoned in or inconsequential like a lot of recent X-Material has over the past couple of years-this is a brilliant book.

Frost: As a package, I enjoyed the aesthetic and pacing choices that the creators used. There are thrilling and big moments of action, while also some tender introspection. I may not be getting every reference between the two, but from there is a lot of emotional content within these pages. The title really exploits the “Generations” banner for the better. It really feels like a classic superhero comic while also containing modern sensibilities.

Jones: Ramon Rosanas contributes some great art to the title. I loved his expressive depiction of the two leads laced with some really slim figure work. The action in this book was thrilling as well. The two big brawls in the title were actually fascinating with strong action set-pieces that lent a little something to the book which would have been missing otherwise. The artist is key to honing in on what the title is all about, especially with the final sequence in the issue really nailing all of the potent emotion surrounding Wolverine. Believe it or not, the over-saturated hero has actually been dead for a couple years now with Old Man Logan has taken his place.

Frost: See?! That’s some of the nuance I’m missing! No matter though, because this was a thoroughly engrossing comic. If there is a fault, it is that the dialogue can veer into sappiness territory, which is a fun juxtaposition after one of the Wolverines sliced some ninjas neck wide open.

Jones: Great observation. This title was tonally at odds with the silly and light personality that was undercut by the CRAZY violence. Over the past couple of years the main Wolverine has really dulled his edge and has taken a leadership role in the X-Men right before his own death. Of course this comic is a flashback and doesn’t touch on the material quite as much. I was confused about why their relationship seems so well established when it looked like Wolverine was supposed to be meeting Laura for the first time. AJ, do you have any examples of hokey dialogue? Most of the dialogue serves the title quite well.

Frost: There’s a conversation near the end of the comic where Logan and Laura talk about who they are and where they came from. It’s not bad at all, just kinda syrupy. Not the kind of dialogue one expects from Wolverine, I suppose,

Jones: The loss of Wolverine is very important to the state of Marvel at the moment. It is kind of remarkable how long he has been dead. Reading the comic under those eyes gave me a different appreciation of the title. What did you think of the art and colors?

Frost: They were so on point. There were lots of non-traditional color choices (lots of purples) and a good mix of complimentary hot and cold tones. That spoke well to the downbeat and melancholy nature of the issue.

Jones: Where do you want to see Generations go next? Next week is Thor. What do you think that issue has to accomplish for us to be slathering the same praise on the title?

Frost: It has to not suck.

Jones: AJ has spoken. Let the record reflect that.

Frost: These comics have to live up to their titles and really reach back to find the magic that made them so appealing in the first place.

Jones: Yeah. For Thor I’m expecting something more magical, something more ethereal and weightless than this issue. However, I feel extremely satisfied with this issue and Generations as a whole. If there’s anything about Marvel can invigorate the line it’s this comic dedicated to eclipsing the line with comic book magic. Lots of industry insiders have talked about the idea of Marvel going to back to the roots with the core heroes of the line, when I think back to this issue and lots of the comics over the past few weeks, it is noticeable that the publisher has been able to get more mileage out of spinning something new with old ideas and keeping the Legacy concept going.

Frost: I hope all the energy around this line should translate into something exciting and long-lasting.

Jones: Let’s bring it home AJ, what are your final thoughts on this issue?

Frost: Final thoughts – Dude, this was a really really solid issue. With each passing week, the Generations issues get stronger and stronger. The emotional beats are becoming crisper and there seems to be more at stake. Fans of “Logan” are going to really enjoy this issue & they will find it action-packed, sharp (that’s a pun!), and filled to the brim of all the Marvel goodies that anyone could ask for!

Jones: Everything about this issue was wonderful from the emotional stakes to the relationship quickly established between the two characters. Going forward Generations must live up to the strong level of quality established by this installment. Knowing the next chapter in the story is centered my favorite ongoing in the Marvel Universe makes me all the more excited.

Verdict: Buy.

Before we leave you, Astonishing X-Men #2 needs its time in the sun because it is probably the most insane second issue of anything, ever. Also, do check out The Mighty Thor #21, just for the beautiful art alone. We’re bringing you the thunder next week with the follow-up issue of Generations coming in seven short days! Stay tuned.