I’m not very clever
with rhymes or schemes
but there’s a new book
about your favorite fiend

Today, DC Comics announced The Demon: Hell is Earth. The comic’s title, besides aptly summarizing the state of affairs in 2017 America, alludes to the comic’s uncomfortably possible premise. Writer Andrew Constant and artists Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessey ask us to imagine a world where a nuclear bomb has hit “the California dessert, cracking the very foundation of the Earth.” Then, things get a little less realistic as Hell begins to seep through that crack. That leaves Jason Blood, the human host of the demon Etrigan who long ago swore to never unleash him on the world again, with a difficult choice.

Etrigan and Jason Blood originally appeared in 1972 in The Demon. They were created by cartoonist Jack Kirby, which makes The Demon: Hell is Earth the latest in a series of DC Comics that celebrate Kirby’s centennial. While we’ve seen the demon, who has a penchant for rhymes and mischief, appear from time to time in recent years, this will be the first time we’ve seen him take center stage in quite a while.

Despite his terrifying appearance, historically Etrigan has fought both against and alongside the heroes of the DC Universe. More selfish than purely evil, there’s a constant push-pull in Etrigan stories between the devil’s whims and Blood’s more altruistic leanings. According to DC’s press release, that complex relationship will be the focus of this post-apocalyptic Demon story.

The Demon: Hell is Earth #1 hits shelves November 15, 2017.



Jason Blood and Etrigan: the best of enemies, destined to spend eternity bound together. When a haunting vision leads Jason to Death Valley, a supernatural weapon is unleashed, radically transforming not only the land, but also Blood…and the Demon. The worst, though, is yet to come, as hell begins to make its way into our world.

Don’t miss the start of this horrifying miniseries, where Etrigan and Blood’s relationship will be changed forever!

On sale NOVEMBER 15 • 32 pg, FC, 1 of 6, $2.99 US • RATED T


  1. Glad to see DC spotlighting secondary characters. The success of LEGENDS OF TOMORROW shows there’s a market for material beyond the Big Three. DC should publish a trade paperback of John Byrnes’s BLOOD OF THE DEMON to coincide with this new mini-series.


  2. I’m curious as to which California dessert is hit: Ghirardelli hot fudge sundae? Julian apple pie? Meyer lemon cake?

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