Impossible Situations – Spider Man Kiss
Dutch power pop duo Impossible Situations has created a catchy confection about the desire for an upside down kiss just like in the Spider-Man movie. It’s a moment that has become symbolic for young, exciting love and the boys in Impossible Situations are not so sure that the relationship they are singing about are enough like Spidey and Mary Jane to satisfy them. Buy it here.


Miracle of Sound – When I Swing By
This is a sort of pop punk kind of thing that pairs inspirational lyrics with Spider-Man imagery, existing on the idea that Spidey takes his responsibility to inspire you very seriously and he is ready to help you with your day, your mood, whatever. Miracle of Sound is a fellow named Gavin Dunne with hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers who specializes in songs about games and movies and stuff like that. For instance, he seems to have a song about every Game of Thrones character and also one about David Bowie that contains the lyric “Oh but the music is gone for the man who rocked the world is going home.” Buy it here or stream it on Spotify.


She Fetus – Spiderman
She Fetus is Helen Anker and her acoustic guitar, both from California, and together they are prolific. They’re also going to calm this post down a little bit, take it away momentarily from the boys and their power pop. This song is brief, but holds a lot to consider as you work to decipher the cryptic quality of the lyrics, what with Spidey expressing affection for Mary Jane but seemingly not with her, instead lost somewhere in himself expressing dissatisfaction and disassociation. Well, maybe. Decide for yourself. Regardless, this has a nice homemade psychedelic texturing. Buy it here.


The Temper Trap – Peter Parker’s Alter Ego
This Australian band evokes Spider-Man as the type of person they used to aspire to until they got some bad news about the ultimate fate heroes, causing them to back out of that particular dream. Now, they explain, they are “Peter Parker’s alter ego waiting on the telephone line.” I’m not exactly sure Spider-Man even HAS a phone, but perhaps they’re using their poetic license. This song is from the band’s 2006 debut EP, which they’ve followed with three more albums and tons of Australian music awards despite the fact that I have never heard of them before. Buy it here or stream it on Spotify.


The Whethermen – Peter Parker
The power pop song from 2008 sets out a very simple dichotomy that we can all live with and use as needed. You can describe yourself as feeling like Spider-Man or you can describe yourself as feeling like Peter Parker. Spider-Man is a mood, Peter Parker is a mood. This song is about the kind of day where you’re feeling very Peter Parker. “I’m just a normal guy,” the band explains to someone who needs some kind of help, but the band doesn’t feel much up to the task. Maybe the band should put on a mask and some body-revealing tights and see if they feel more proactive then. Buy it here or stream it on Spotify.