Oh yeah, speaking of zines (look it up kids) something called The Poopsheet Foundation is now online, and it’s one of those 90s things that was what passed for social media back in the day:

The Poopsheet Foundation began in 1993 as Poopsheet, a small publication that reviewed other small publications. The zine eventually became a website and the Poopsheet Shop sprang from that. Owner Rick Bradford has been involved in the mini-comics scene since 1985 and has been running the Poopsheet Shop online since 2004.

The Poopsheet Shop specializes in mini-comics, art zines, fanzines, underground comix and related curiosities from the ’70s to the present. Wantlists are always welcome and we also buy mini-comic and fanzine collections.

For older millennials, think of this as a printed guide to Geocities. People who are older still may feel their heart stir a little from their nursing home bed as they see Steve Willis’s Morty the Dog running free and unfettered once again. (Factoid,. Willis was a classmate of Matt Groening, Lynda Barry and Charles Burns at Evergreen College, and they all worked on the student paper together, making him the Chuck Yaeger of this particular tale.)

As weird and generally unfettered as all this is, this index of utter ephemera is the real Story Of Us, or at least the Us that felt an unquenchable desire to make small printed things full of unpopular opinions.

The site, which is run by a brave soul named Rick Bradford, has a Patreon campaign to fund the database, and typically, that has no pledges yetI’m wrong It has nearly $30. I’m sure it will, but maybe this is more of a foundation type project? This is our PAPER HERITAGE PEOPLE. And paper is so much more ephemeral than the web, just look at all those Geocities pages out there.


  1. They probably don’t mention INSIDE JOKE, which was a combination of words and art, but I’ve finally gotten all of those issues online as well (http://insidejoke.chromiumswitch.org).. I do miss the collation parties and layouts and the like, but to tell you the truth there’s not all that much these days I would prefer about paper as opposed to digital.

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