This episode begins with a flashback of Clarice/Blink, which I think is a first for the series. It’s a pretty short scene of her as a teenager helping her friend Lily escape their abusive foster father by sending them through a portal. But in such a short time frame it paints a nice picture of the world she grew up in.

Just after seeing Reeva meet with Benedict Ryan, Marcus/Eclipse and Lorna/Polaris discuss their next options. Polaris says she needs to go back to the Inner Circle to figure out what she’s planning, right when she was ready to leave.

Evangeline Whedon tells the Underground that having Polaris on their side gives them some hope, but they can’t speak a word of her new allegiance to anyone. She reiterates that they need to meet with other Underground factions. She says they need the Morlocks’ help and thinks she can persuade them because she has a history with Erg.

Caitlin tells Reed that they need to reach out to her brother Danny, who works at the Department of Homeland Security. She thinks he can help them find information about the Purifiers and learn more about what Andy is up to. Lauren takes her mom’s side and Reed ultimately agrees to their plan.

Lauren is continuing to obsess over the notebook written by her ancestor about how she and Andy can use their abilities in synchronicity. They end up fighting in a dream and Lauren sends Andy flying. He wakes up startled and bleeding from their encounter, which is finally a portrayal of Andy I can get behind.

Andy explains to the Frosts, who ran into the room when he woke up screaming, his connection to Lauren. They say they can link Andy and Lauren’s connection to their telepathic powers so they can find her. The triplets know they need their combined power to strengthen the Inner Circle a.k.a. become better terrorists.

Reed tells Marcos that only a few factions of the Underground can help them with their fight, so the war relies on the Morlocks. After getting off the phone, Reed feels drawn to the weapon the last few episodes have eluded too that’s made to be wielded by a Strucker. His powers flare up and his veins start glowing until he pushes the box away. In the process, he sees that Lauren’s been studying their family history and gets curious himself.

Erg agreed to come with the core trio for a meeting. He told them that he and Evangeline formed the Mutant Underground together. Erg separated from it after a human betrayal cost a lot of mutant lives and is only going to the meeting because Evangeline would give away the location of all their tunnels if he didn’t.

We flip back to Clarice as a kid trying to convince her friend not to go back and stand up to her abusive father. But she won’t listen, wanting to protect the rest of her family, and Clarice follows.

Polaris watches members of the Inner Circle leave for a mission. The mass murderer says they’re about to “slay a dragon.” Realizing they’re referring to Evangeline, she calls to warn Marcus and the rest of the Underground. They try to call her on their way to the meeting but it’s radio silent. When they arrive they see the building has been burnt down, and there are plenty of casualties. John/Thunderbird can’t even feel one of their people with his tracking powers. The entire National Leadership of the Mutant Underground seems dead

Andy talks to Lorna about his mixed feelings on brainwashing his sister to join the Inner Circle and make them both very powerful terrorists. Typically Andy. Esme heard their conversation, and she tells Lorna that they’re either with Reeva or against her. In other words, she’s saying to play along or Reeva will kill you and your baby.

The trio and Erg arrive to find their location on fire and full of casualties. John can’t even feel one of their people with his tracking powers. The entire National Leadership of the Mutant Underground seems dead, including Evangeline. John, angry about her death, pushes Erg to join them in their suddenly much more difficult war. Erg refuses and during a confrontation John blasts him, making him fly ten feet.

Caitlin and Lauren get in touch with Caitlin’s brother. By the time he gets back he’s wearing a wire, but he admits it right away and rips it off, running away with them. Apparently, he tipped the wrong people off by asking questions. He tells them the government knows the Atlanta faction isn’t dead. He learned that Benedict Ryan is not just the talking head but the leader of the Purifiers, which has infiltrated the government.

A suite of vehicles full of men with guns drives up but Lauren alone is able to hold them back thanks to the power she’s gained from her questionable studying material. Andy can feel her using her abilities, leading to a discussion when the Frosts convince him that bringing Lauren in is the best way to protect his family.

Clarice tells John about the flashback we’ve been flipping back to, telling him that the foster father killed Lily. She explains that running off and fighting isn’t brave, it’s careless and selfish, which is why she’s leaving to join the Morlocks.

Clarice, now underground, eats the standard Morlock meal, which tastes like “corn flakes and lube” which is strangely specific. Erg tells her she’ll get used to it and that she’s safer among the Morlocks. I guess I should refer to her as Blink, now, since she’s going by that name now? There’s them getting used to their new normal.

At the very end of the episode, the Frosts help Andy connect to Lauren even more deeply, though we don’t know how yet. Based on the preview for next episode, though, Lauren still has her free will and remains anti-Inner Circle. And an attack on the White House is coming? None of that says much about the meat of the episode, but we’ll get that when it airs next week.