I find it difficult to recommend web comics so early in their stories, but when it’s as good and pretty as Sonya Lindsay’s Druin Saga, I’m happy to break that rule. Druin Saga is about Nella, a young woman who devoted her life to serve the Temple of the Sacred Mountain, where the spirit of an ancient god resides. She’s chosen to become a Druin, the host of a god. She’s informed by a traveler that signs indicate the gods while the gods will return, the ancient mountain will not. She takes it upon herself to prove that the mountain will indeed come back.

It’s a high concept that’s well-executed and is wonderfully illustrated. I love Sonya Lindsay’s colours, but mostly, the way she draws mountains is absolutely stunning. It’s still early, but I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of the series.

You can read Druin Saga on Tapas here and follow Sonya Lindsay on Twitter


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