I realize that title is kind of ridiculous for something centering on one of the most over-utilized character in the DC pantheon, but here we are…Todd Phillips, the brain behind the Hangover franchise (of all things), teaming with Joaquin Phoenix, has produced something that’s angling to be a rarity in the superhero movie assembly line: an actual character study.
Our iron man out in the field, Ed Douglas, actually saw this last night and provided a detailed write-up of WB’s presentation at CinemaCon, but now the first trailer for Joker is here for everyone to enjoy…let’s enjoy it together, shall we?

So, what have we learned? The filmmakers here are definitely angling for a vibe akin to that of The King of Comedy, and it carries a visual palette that feels very unto itself and screams “serious movie” in a way that most of these just don’t. Will it work out that way? We’ll see. But I’m always delighted to see Atlanta vets Zazie Beetz and Brian Tyree Henry, the latter of which I didn’t even realize was in this movie. And Phoenix has clearly physically transformed for the role yet again, in quite the about-face from his hulking appearance in last year’s You Were Never Really Here.
Will a Joker story work without Batman? We’re about to find out. On October 4th no less.


  1. This looks ghastly. Phoenix is one of those actors who thinks if he acts hard enough, it’ll somehow come out as good. Hard, hard pass.

  2. “The filmmakers here are definitely angling for a vibe akin to that of The King of Comedy,”
    If Scorsese were directing this, I might be more interested in seeing it.
    Hope the Charlie Chaplin estate was well paid for the use of “Smile” in this trailer.

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