Or the Apple version.

Is this the Nolan-ized Iron Man? The quasi-Bane-like narration, dark tone and “hero must struggle against himself” are certainly a bit different from the lighthearted screwball comedy of the first two. In Shane Black we trust. 201210231009.jpg


  1. Hmmm… “Demon in a Bottle”? Millionaire superhero loses company, riches, must battle back from a deep pit of despair? Yup… very Nolan-esque.

  2. Suprised the studio handlers didn’t say, “hey uh you guys maybe wanna be a little more subtle about knocking off that Batman film?”

  3. A most welcome change of tone after the disappointing IM2. No more distracting stand-up comedian senators or jerky rival industrialists, please!

  4. Loved the trailer. IM2 was painfully mediocre with too much humor and too little menace.

    This is a welcome change of pace.

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