I’m real excited about where Marvel Studios is headed in their next couple of entries, well…after Spider-Man: Homecoming anyway (which looks fine, but very “been there, done that”). Come November, we get the Taika Waititi-led Thor: Ragnarok, which was the first Marvel trailer that’s ever really knocked me on my heels. And then right after comes the Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther.

I’m so very excited about what the Creed filmmaker, and his immensely talented cast, can bring to the MCU.

This morning, Marvel released the first poster for the film, which puts star Chadwick Boseman front and center. They also announced that the first teaser would air during tonight’s Game Four of the NBA Finals.

I’ll check back in tonight when that video is made available.


  1. The movie might turn out great, but that’s not a very visually exciting poster, though not many are these days.

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