A new 5-issue series joins comiXology Originals on March 30 – The Final Girls. The new series is written by Cara Ellison, with art by Sally Cantirino and colorist Gab Contreras. Covers for the series are provided by Annie Wu, Audrey Mok, Tula Lotay, and Olivia Stephens.

The Final Girls

Set in the year 2030, at a time when the most famous superheroes of the world are no longer, few remain to deal with the crises. One group that remains is called The Final Girls. When the group is called out of retirement to take down another superhero they will have to deal with weaponised public exposure as much as more familiar kinds of violence.

The Final Girls is the creator-owned debut of Cara Ellison, who is currently a narrative designer at video game studio League of Geeks. Ellison’s background includes journalism, predominantly in the video game space. She more recently contributed to the anthology The Secret Loves of Geek Girls (2015) from Bedside Press and Dark Horse Comics.

Ellison describes the scenario for the series:

“Inside every superhuman, there’s still a human. And the human needs to eat, pay the bills, have relationships, and send invoices. But what happens when superhumans realise that all the fragile systems of society and economy and politics are going to kill them, just like everyone else? What use is smashing someone through a window when the system that created them still exists?”

Artist Sally Cantirino has previously had work published with A Wave Blue World, Black Mask Studios and Vault Comics.

Cantirino says on the series:

“The Final Girls is about a group of ex-work-for-hire superheroes navigating through the fall-out and harm caused by their superhero colleagues. It’s a comic about what abuse of power, reparative justice, and real change might look like.”

On pairing with Cantirino, writer Ellison says:

“Sally Cantirino brings punk aesthetics and a scratchy horror vibe to the mood of The Final Girls. Sally has a really good sense of how powerful women posture and how angry they can be.”

Check out a preview of the first issue of The Final Girls below. All five issues of the series will drop on comiXology Originals next Tuesday, March 30, 2021.

The Final Girls

The Final Girls

The Final Girls