We’ve been reporting for some while on the saga of the Northlake Public Library in Illinois and its quest to attain a 9-foot-tall statue of the Hulk. At first it was just a crowdsourced pipedream of one man, librarian Tom Mukite. But then it turned out a guy in California happened to have a statue of the Hulk sitting around and he was willing to donate it to the library if a way could be found to ship it. Apparently shipping a 9-foot-tall Hulk statue is not that easy, but finally a way has been found, and Mukite has shared the following photos of the Hulk on his journey to his resting place in Northlake.

Mukite also shared some wonderful news about his library and its graphic novel collection:

A couple really cool things have happened since we started the campaign that we only now know about. We had over 1100 new people sign up for library cards in May when the campaign was up. Our normal rate is 300 max a month. Also, our graphic novel collection has become even more popular then ever before. Books that normally would be considered a success after being checked out 3 times are being checked out 12-20 times. (like Shinku, Lil Depressed boy, Hoax Hunters and Revival etc.)

This is all before the Hulk has even gotten here.

With the Hulk—and the Zod mask which Mukite won in an unrelated Beat contest—ready to be displayed we think a new comics landmark is in the making here.

Congrats to Mukite for throwing the spotlight on graphic novels and libraries.








Tom wanted us to pass along a big shoutout to Fastmore Shipping for donating the shipping costs. It’s a win all around.




  1. Why in the world would a library out in Illinois need a statue of the Hulk? The Hulk has nothing to do with the state of Illinois – if any library across the US should be paying tribute to the Hulk is one out in the state of New Mexico where the Hulk was fictionally born.

    What’s this is all about is just people just want to be hipsters for the sake of being hipsters.



  2. I think I would actually buy a comic where they showed The Hulk’s head wrapped in bubble-wrap. I’d need to know the story behind that.

  3. Coat seriously???? HIpster seriously? Never even entered my mind. That is actually pretty funny I’ve never in my life have been insulted with that term before. Normally I’m called a metalhead so this is ummm awkward. Can a library not want to do something fun without someone calling us the H word??

    If you want to know why we wanted a Hulk statue read the other articles that explained it…there were a couple and it is up on our indiegogo page.

  4. “I think I would actually buy a comic where they showed The Hulk’s head wrapped in bubble-wrap.”

    LoL I totally would too!

    That picture is awesome…

  5. I can’t decide whether my favorite part is Hulk in bubble wrap or the fact that someone just happened to have a lifesized Hulk statue standing around somewhere.

  6. Not sure how large your graphic novel section is, Tom, but if you give me a week I can compile a list. I don’t have the space for them anymore. I used to work in a shop and bought everything from Strangers in Paradise to ultimate spider-man and Mouse Guard. Ill send you the list and be happy to donate whichever ones you are missing if you have the space.

  7. Torsten,

    I had the short sleeved version of that shirt in college. I wore it to South Padre Island during Spring Break of ’99. That shirt caught the eye of a very cute girl, and we went to dinner later that night. The restaurant wouldn’t let her in with just a bikini, so I gave her the shirt (it was OK that I was shirtless, go figure) so we could go in. We headed back to the hotel afterwards. I will never forget that night. The next morning, she was gone. She took the shirt with her. SHE TOOK MY SHIRT! I miss that shirt…

    side note: I saw the shirt in a store years later. Mrs. Kang was with me, and I tell her I had a shirt like it, but lost it years ago. She says, “Oh, I’ll buy it for you. How did you lose it?” I mistakenly told her the truth. Didn’t get the shirt…

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