At noon today, Warner Bros. lifted an embargo on early Twitter reactions to next week’s Justice League film. While the embargo on full reviews does not lift until next week, these early reactions have allowed eager fans to get a general sense of critical reaction to the film.

Given the critical reaction to previous entries in the DC Cinematic Universe (this past summer’s Wonder Woman excepted), it’s particularly important to all parties involved that the reaction to Justice League be positive. Given the film’s tumultuous production saga, which saw director Zack Snyder leave the film due to a family tragedy and be replaced with Joss Whedon (though Snyder apparently remains the only credited director), the best way to describe the feeling around Justice League up until this point is “trepidation.”

With that in mind, it seems like DC and Warner Bros. have scored a light win in the minds of many who’ve been able to see the film already. Here are some of their reactions.

Jim Vejvoda, executive editor at IGN Movies (yes, he’s aware he misspelled “palate”):

Paul Shirey, editor-in-chief at JoBlo:

Angie Han of Mashable:

Mike Rougeau, senior entertainment editor at Gamespot:

Steven Weintraub, editor-in-chief at Collider, has an interestingly vague tweet that can either be read purely as a comment on the tonal shift of Justice League when compared to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice or as a double entendre that indicates people who haven’t loved previous entries in the Snyderverse, such as myself, may feel differently about this movie:

If you subscribe to Weintraub liking the film, then Dennis Tzeng, director of video operations at Collider, feels less enthused than his colleague:

Haleigh Foutch, editor at Collider, is also middling:

Perri Nemiroff, producer and of Collider Video:

Erik Davis, managing editor at Fandango:

Rob Keyes of ScreenRant:

Germain Lussier of io9 and Gizmodo:

Peter Sciretta, owner and editor of SlashFilm:

Terri Schwartz, editorial manager at IGN Entertainment:

Josh Dickey, entertainment editor at Mashable, coming in with the gut punch:

So, accounting for the outliers at both extremes, it seems like the early consensus on Justice League is that it’s a fun, albeit uneven movie. Around the table, critics seem to enjoy the chemistry between the lead actors, their character arcs, and the lighter, more humorous tone the film is taking. On the other hand, critics seem to believe that the actual plot of the movie is forgettable and that its pacing is rushed.

No matter what, it’s important when reading these comments to keep in mind that the current set of critics who have seen Justice League is rather limited. Additionally, the nature of Twitter impressions is too limited and vague to get a full sense of peoples’ perspectives on this film.

We’ll have to wait until next week for that.


  1. There is zero chance this is anything but a giant turd. If you can stomach it, they’ve dropped 6 clips on YouTube. Expect Batman and Robin levels of cringe. Scrap everyone but Gadot, and start over, or maybe don’t. Just give Gal the credit she deserves for doing the impossible, once again. Few woman are this loveable and unflappable.

  2. But…everyone seems to like the other characters too? So…maybe dont scrap everyone? Just keep trying to get better?

  3. “…lack of suspense and a villain that fails on every level to be scary, formidable or memorable.”

    What would he say if he didn’t like it?

  4. Most of these supposed critics sound like they’re reading off of Warner Bros. press releases. I’ll wait for the real thing.

    If nothing else, standards are set so freakishly low after Snyder’s last few films and Suicide Squad – also praised for its ‘fun’ characters by the way *ahem* – that just having a film with coherent dialogue scenes will grant this movie an ‘OK’

  5. @George

    You know who wants you to take the wait and see approach? The studio. Nobody else needs to “wait and see” anything. That is double talk for “pay us, and then you can have an opinion”.

    Screw that. How about “no, this looks shit, you should lose all the money and the rights. No, 5 films in, and they all blew, with only WW standing apart ONLY thanks to Jenkins and Gadot, in spite of the studios failures.

    Effects: 3/10
    Cast: 1/7
    Story: -2 Trillion
    Look and feel: Painful and awkward.

    Stop the madness.

  6. I kinda want to see this for Wonder Woman and the gorgeous Jason Mamoa, but that means sitting through a terrible movie, so probably not going to happen.

  7. Timberly, are you one of those geeks who hailed The Dark Knight as the best movie ever made BEFORE seeing it? Actually, you remind me of the conservative Christians who called for boycotts of The Last Temptation of Christ and Dogma without bothering to see them.

    Your post reminds me of something a wise man once said: “Comic book guys have always had terrible opinions.”

  8. Timberly, you need to chill and get a life. It’s only a movie. People will watch it and either like it or not. The only stakes involved are $15 or so for the ticket and 2+ hours of someone’s time. Save the “Stop the madness” comments for something that actually matters.

  9. “If nothing else, standards are set so freakishly low after Snyder’s last few films”

    I would actually argue the opposite. I think the standards for the DC films are unbelievably high. Things that are easily forgiven in a Marvel film are held up as fatal flaws in a DC film. Looking at it objectively, it’s a double standard.

    (Although “Suicide Squad” was a sh*t movie by any standard)

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