Things are sort of returning to the semi-normal in Manhattan, as least from what we can see. We stopped by Jim Hanley’s Universe on 33rd Street and it’s been open for business as usual. “A lot of people stopped by for comics—with no power they needed something to read,” an employee told us when we popped in.

Midtown’s 42nd Street and Times Square locations are also open, although downtown remains closed with no power.

Are you up and running post-Sandy? Post in the comments.


  1. Ahoy Brian,
    Comics by Candlelight! Vito’s right-on, we are selling comics at JHU Staten Island – indeed we’re the only folks in the entire borough with new product. With no power for the foreseeable future, we’re limited to daylight each day with candles illuminating what we can, but we’re still going strong.

    We’ll have running updates on our twitter feed, @JHUniverse.

  2. We’re open in NJ, but UPS still has this weeks books in NY and no info on when we’ll get them. Thankfully it’s a light week.

  3. I’m going to Red Hook tomorrow to help people clean- if you are in Brooklyn you should come too!

    I did get to read a huge chunk of Are You My Mother? and old JRjr Spider Man issues plus get a bunch of drawing & writing done!

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