by Lauren Adkins
[As the scrum and tumult of con began, our trio of first-time San Diego Comic-Con attendees lost contact with the overweb, but reports have been trickling in. Here’s a mid-con report from Twilight fan Lauren.]

I’m writing from the Indigo Ballroom line!

A wise man once said, Comic-Con plans often go to complete shit. And since my arrival on Wednesday, I’ve been a textbook example, mostly thanks to beer. Here’s how it’s been so far:

Wednesday: beer, beer, beer, CHAOTIC CON FLOOR, brief excursion to Camp Twilight, beer, beer, beer

Thursday: line, line, line, TWILIGHT PANEL (squee!), beer, beer, beer, line, line, line, Showtime panel (more squeeing!), beer, beer, beer.

Friday: party at Wired Cafe, multiple True Blood-themed drinks at adorable Fangtasia bar, several random celebrity sightings, beer, beer, beer.

Today: line, line, line, line, line for Dark Horse: Joss Whedon panel, extreme sunburn.

Here’s hopin’ I get in! I’m already taking notes for next year: Always get in line earlier than you planned. Make friends in said lines. Wear sunscreen.

Detailed post to come!”


  1. ha ha,. I can be SO nâive..

    I actually thought all these Virgin Dairy posts would be real posts from a couple of newbies. I should have checked the byline.

    The joke being that every post involved a report of travelling to the Con or getting drunk, with lots of promises of detailed posts to come:)

    Silly silly me. Well played.