By Ali Colluccio

[Editor’s Note: as expected our first time Comic-Con attendees are still trying to catch up and deal with the PCSD — Post Con Sleeping Disorder. Ali C. is the first to reënter earth’s atmosphere!]

Days at Comic-Con: 4
Total hours of sleep: 15
Total number of drinks: lost track after 23…
Time of brain death: Sunday, July 24, 12:47am PDT, Hyatt lobby bar
Items crossed off To-Do list: 10 (out of 22)


Brain broken. Nerves shot. Seeking solstice in an over-priced beer at Trickster. Oh, Trickster. I would marry you if I could. You are an oasis in a vast desert of elbows, backpacks, and cosplay. A place where I can breath. A utopia of comics and sanity. Why did I not find you sooner?

Look, I’ve been to cons before. I’ve been to lots of conventions. I did the C2E2/WonderCon double header. I’ve watched NYCC grow exponentially. But nothing can prepare you for San Diego and its sheer dominance of your soul. There’s no escaping it once you’re here. You just have to keep moving. ‘Cause if you stop? Well, to paraphrase Sam Quint, this con’ll swallow you whole.

(2 days and 2,783 miles later)


Seriously, I am in genuine awe of the reporters and bloggers who turn work around at lightning speed while surrounded by the craziness of Comic-Con. San Diego is no place for a Cub Reporter. At least I got about half this post out while I was still in San Diego. And now that I’m back in beautiful, humid New York City–away from the throngs of people (sort of)–I’m able to think a bit clearer.

While Comic-Con may have broken me, it was also a ton of fun. I got to meet new people, see friends I’d only known online, and talk about comics a LOT. There’s a humming energy to SDCC. It’s fueled by the tens of thousands of people all there because they love comics. And while I saw my fair share of rants, the majority of the people were genuinely happy and in good spirits. That’s a rare and wonderful thing. And I’m very glad to have witnessed it.


Also, I got to meet Red Fraggle. RED FRAGGLE!! OK technically it was the Muppeteer who voiced Red, but still. I have a picture of me and my favorite Muppet. I talked to Jonathan Hickman about curling (and hopefully did not bore him to tears). I felt very proud being a girl at the Oh You Sexy Geek and Women of Marvel panels. I got to wear cute dresses to fancy rooftop parties.

That said, when I do go back to San Diego, I’d do things very differently. I’d test out the wifi and get that sorted on Preview Night. I’d take a lot less notes in panels (or maybe just live-blog). I would only go to panels on Saturday and Sunday and avoid the con floor at all costs. I would definitely go to Artists’ Alley before 2pm on Sunday. I’d spend more time at Trickster and less time at the Hyatt bar. I’d sleep in more and stress out less.

It’s not a convention I’d go to every year, but it was most definitely a great experience.