An article in The Gauntlet, the University of Calgary’s student magazine, boldly proclaimsThe beginning of a new comic era — and Calgary’s Maad Sheep Productions are just the guys to do it.

The most exciting potential lies in the many independent publishers that are swiftly gaining popularity in this changing market. With the comic-buying public gravitating away from larger companies, independent creators finally have their chance to truly flourish.

What the article does not mention is that in order to flourish, comics creators must dress like a NASCAR pit crew.

It’s the only way to be sure.

Will everyone be able to make this sacrifice?


  1. “What the article does not mention is that in order to flourish, comics creators must dress like a NASCAR pit crew.”

    Oh THAT’s all it takes. I thought my method of drawing after and during work while crying myself to sleep at night was the way to go!

  2. I bet those guys got their fashion sense from watching Breaking Bad.

    Meth dealer fashion, YO !

  3. God, talk about burying the lead. Burying the lead with a screed, as it happens. I’m not sure why the writer thinks broader appeal is the answer. Have they heard of the idea behind cable television?

    Anyway, whatever.

    My hat is off to these guys but I’m not sure what makes them any different from any of the other little comic publishing houses out there… or from guys like South Fellini who act more as like agents of comic artists, rather than straight up publishers. Lots of folks are doing this. It’s awesome. But… not really super different.

    Except maybe the track suits. Maybe the track suits are the difference.

    And, honestly, the fact that I’m kvetching with this story probably just comes from how badly the first four paragraphs of the piece rubbed me. High horses, etc.

  4. Well, given the sponsorship possibilities that NASCAR suits provide, it’s not a bad idea… kinda like a banner ad on your website.

    And then you sell the jackets to your fans, for hundreds of dollars, just like NASCAR.


    Track suits are quite comfortable. While the NASCAR fire suits are probably a bit uncomfortable, they would be distinctive and highly visible at any Comic Con.

  5. Unless you are a 1980s rapper or an actual track and field guy, a shapeless tracksuit is never a good look. One of the guys seems to couple it with a throat beard – never a good choice.