At the recent New Jersey Comics Expo I had the good fortune to talk to Neal Adams, Amy Chu and Ron Marz about comics, life, art, history, the Mets and many other topics.

I haven’t had a chance to write it up but the NJCE, where I was a guest, is a really fun laid back show. And there is ample time for podcasting!

More to Come is a weekly podcast that I contribute to for Publishers Weekly. Along with co-hosts Calvin Reid and Kate Fitzsimons we talk about everything in the comics publishing world and do interviews from all over. Check out all the archives here and hope all are having a happy holiday.


  1. Great interview with Neal Adams, Heidi. He was engaged, eloquent and entertaining. If you ever DO get an hour-long interview with him someday, I would love to hear him talk about how his drawing style continues to evolve, from the tight pencils and ultra realism of the 60’s, to his looser, more ‘realistic parody’ style of today.

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