Fans of legendary artist Luis Garcia will now have a deluxe hardcover art book for their collection this year. The tome compiles the Warren Publishing artist’s work, highlighting his elite spot as one of the top artists in the “Spanish Invasion” in the 1970s.

The volume written and curated by artist and historian David Roach tracks each stage of Garcia’s career, from his early seductive romance strips to his autobiographical and political graphic novel work. Of course the book would not be complete without his Warren horror stories and paintings.

Old and new fans are also treated to commentary and notes from Luis Garcia himself, which include recounting memories such as modeling for romantic fotonovelas, meeting cultural icons Salvador Dali and John Lennon, and hanging out at the infamous Studio 54.

With 230 pages of artwork almost entirely shot from the original pieces, there are also several complete short stories, some never before translated and published in English.

“As a lifelong Vampirella fan I first discovered the artwork of Luis Garcia when I was very young, and it has stayed with me ever since,” said Roach. “His entire life’s been notable for his never ending drive to push himself and evolve as an artist. I believe this book contains some of the very greatest artwork in comic history. I’m sure it will amaze and delight both old and new admirers.”

“Garcia is an artist’s artist. His linework is so beautiful, he’s easily one of the best artists of his time, and has influenced many artists in the comics industry and outside,” said Nick Barrucci, Dynamite CEO/Publisher. “Our line of art books stands out, and we’re proud to add in Luis Garcia alongside names like Alex Ross, Lucio Parrillo, George Perez, Howard Chaykin, Sean Phillips, and more. I hope that this release will bring greater awareness to Luis Garcia and his art.”

Historians and artists will also enjoy Roach’s other Warren art works like The Art of Vampirella,  The Art of Jose Gonzalez, and Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art.

The Art of Luis Garcia will be available for preorder in February and is slated for release in April. Let your favorite comic shop know you want a copy!

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