Last month Telltale Games made a huge splash with the debut of their new Batman inspired series. It was a ballsy shake up of the established Dark Knight mythos while still retaining the essence of what makes the character great. Today the studio unveil the gripping new trailer for BATMAN – The Telltale Series – Episode 2: Children of Arkham.

With Gotham City’s first family mired in corruption, and an old friend now a dangerous adversary, the life of the Dark Knight is turned upside down. What was Thomas Wayne entangled in, and why was he killed? Determined to learn the truth about his father, Bruce sets out to question those involved in Gotham’s criminal past. But which mask will he wear – The billionaire, or the bat? Huge decisions will forever change the Batman and the lives of those around him, as he meets the Children of Arkham.

The second of five episodes in the season, Episode 2: ‘Children of Arkham’ will be available digitally worldwide starting Tuesday September 20th on PC from the Telltale Online Store, Steam, and other digital distribution services, on the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4, and on the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One. Release dates for additional platforms will be announced later in September.


Side note PSA:

I’ll be at Long Beach Comic Con this weekend hosting two panels and giving away fabulous prizes, so come one and all. Find all the info at the shows website here.

Battlebots – Saturday Sept 17th 11:30am Rumble Room S7

In its 7th Season, this competition show features robots competing to take each other down in a series of rounds. This can’t-miss panel features members from three teams that have competed during past seasons, and they are making themselves (and their robots!) available to answer your questions about what it’s like to compete on the show, how they got into it, and the skills it takes to build your own robot that qualifies. Featuring The Disk O’ Inferno, Splatter, Lock-Jaw, Invader, Escape Velocity, Bad Kitty, and SawBlaze!

The Intersection of Art & Science (& Engaging the Public)- Sunday 12:30pm Final Frontier Room S6

There is no better place to watch the intersection of science and art than in comic books…and at NASA! Joby Harris, the artist responsible for JPL’s interplanetary travel art and comic artists Juan Gedeon (Horizon), Livio Ramondelli (Transformers) and Dave Crosland (Invader Zim) get together to discuss how the artwork done for NASA has comic influences, and how space exploration (an integral part of comic books throughout history) and technology has been a big influence in the artwork that’s been done for comics.

Plus for Sunday’s panel I’ll have a ton of stuff to give away from Sony PlayStation, McFarlane Toys, and a season pass for Batman: The Telltale Series. Since outside food isn’t allowed in the convention center I figured this would be the next best thing. See ya there!




  1. The game gives you the option to have Bruce/Batman say nothing during conversations with people. If you do this long enough he becomes a huge jerk and the game becomes hilarious.

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