The Toronto Comic Arts Festival kicks off tonight and runs tomorrow and Sunday at the Toronto Reference Library. Admission is free. For that priceless amount, you get access to perhaps the greatest pound for pound assemblage of cartoonists in the history of the world. Mattotti! Brown! Seth! Ware! Ono! Brecht Evens! You can see the guest list here, and everyone exhibiting here. Truly stupendous.

The TCAF website is so well organized that we don’t have to do the least bit of curating. Events are all listed here, with tonight’s “A Contemporary Comix Cavalcade featuring Chester Brown, Seth, Adrian Tomine, and Chris Ware!” followed by a party; tomorrow it’s the Doug Wright awards, and more parties.

The programming is here — an amazing assemblage. I HOPE SOMEONE IS TAPING THESE PANELS AND WILL ACTUALLY PUT THEM UP ON THE WEB.

Finally, TCAF has a full-on debut page of all the great books everyone will be picking up.

This morning we read everyone’s tweets as they boarded the 10-hour Megabus ride with jealousy…well, sorta. Anyway, wish we were there. But we have several Elite Beat reporters on the scene and we’ll keep you up to date with all the happenings as they unfold.