With the circuit for both cons—traditional comic-cons—and CAFs—more indie styled comic arts festivals like TCAF and CAB—proliferating and becoming an increasingly important part of the comics economy, indie humor magazine The Devastator has taken it upon itself to attempt to create an infographic on how big a part of the economy these shows really are. And they’ve created a completely anonymous survey just for that purpose—they especially need East Coast participants:

We’re doing something to help the indie comix community navigate the convention circuit with basic economic knowledge. We keep hearing from the PR departments of conventions about how their show warranted the fire marshall, etc., but what does that mean for exhibitors? 

You know how everyone’s recaps on a show are very… vague? And how everyone’s expectations and standards for success are… different? We’re trying to make an infographic that will open up the small press and indie creator community. We need a sampling of at least 50 creators in order to make our first infographic. 

We want to answer these questions for everyone:
1. On average, what kind of gross sales did comic show exhibitors make at shows in 2013? 
2. Which shows are the best value? (Table Cost vs. Average Gross Sales)
3. Which shows did people make more at this year? Which ones did they make less at?

Again, it’s all anonymous and the results sound very valuable, so consider giving this a whirl.