We’re a bit less than a month away from the 7/4 debut of the new Captain America #1, so it’s not going to shock you that Marvel has all kinds of variant covers for this one and they’re starting to release them.  We’ve got 8 of them below, but be warned – the Cassaday one isn’t final yet.

Official PR follows:

It’s never too early to get excited for new comics! The upcoming new CAPTAIN AMERICA #1, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates with art by Leinil Francis Yu, will be available on July 4. The regular cover is by the legendary Alex Ross, and there are even more variant covers that will get you in the patriotic spirit for Cap’s new run. Here’s a complete list of these great artists: Mike Zeck, Frank Miller, Leinil Yu, David Mack, Jim Steranko, Adam Hughes, Marko Djurdjević, Paul Renaud (with Joe Simon and Jack Kirby), Ron Garney, and John Cassaday.

CAPTAIN AMERICA #1 begins with the shield-slinger trying to polish his tarnished reputation after the Hydra takeover. But now, Cap will have to face a new enemy: the Power Elite.


  1. Took me a second look and a scroll back to the text credits to pick out Miller. Glad to see this relatively unexpected get

  2. Working hard to get people to think of him other than as a the HYDRA Cap who took over the country aren’t they?

  3. hydra cap is stewing in some high security prison somewhere, just waiting for the next marvel writer that thinks it would be a great idea to take him out of moth balls, making him the next by default red skull, in a story that absolutely nobody wants to see.

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