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RIP Gary Friedrich

And now word comes that comics writer Gary Friedrich has passed away at age 75. Best known as the co-creator of Ghost Rider, Friedrich...

SDCC ’18: There’s Madness in the Method of Making Marvel!

An inside look how a Marvel book is made from the creators, writers, and editors who make it happen!

WonderCon ’18: Patrick Rothfuss Speaks of “What If” at “Gather ‘Round...

“There are only two questions you can answer if you’re going to write: What is it, or what if. No genre but fantasy lets you answer so successfully for ‘what if.’”

Unscientific Twitter poll: 66% of readers buy comics based on diversity

A couple of snap polls on Twitter suggest that people pick up comics for many reasons, but here's our own comprehensive poll -- vote often and early!

Podcorn Podcast 1/13/16 — All’s Fair in Love and Page Rates

In the media-driven world, there are many voices. In the end, though, money is king.