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GHOST-SPIDER brings Gwen Stacy across the Spider-Verse in relaunched series

Gwen Stacy's newly-christened series finds the titular character splitting her time between her own Earth and the main Marvel Universe.

Marvel teases "SPIDER-GWEN NO MORE!" for Earth-65’s resident webslinger

The image is an homage to a classic Spider-Man moment.

ECCC ’19: Venom’s "’Uncle Ben’ Moment", Spider-Ham and Spider-Guin, and more...

Donny Cates, Jason Latour, and Seanan McGuire talk all things Eddie Brock, Spider-Gwen, and INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE.


Gwen-65 comes face-to-face with the Gwen Goblin!

Marvel Enlists Heavy Hitters for 6 AGE OF X-MAN Mini-Series

To top off an explosive week of announcements, Marvel premiered covers, titles and creative teams for six Age Of X-Man mini-series on Nov. 16.

INTERVIEW: Seanan McGuire on writing SPIDER-GWEN: GHOST-SPIDER under the watchful eye...

The writer talks transitioning from prose into comics, her approach to writing Gwen Stacy, and how she feels about having her dream job.