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Weekend reading: Some Jack Davis and Richard Thompson art

We lost two of the great this week, Richard Thompson and Jack Davis. I'll have a fuller round-up of reactions and remembrances but in...

Bill Watterson and Richard Thompson interviewed on the state of cartooning

Yep you head me right. This weekend the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum and LIbrary in Columbus Ohio will open two incredible shows, The Irresistible...

On the Scene: The 2012 Ignatz Awards at SPX

By Hannah Means-Shannon The Ignatz Awards are known for their quick-fire pace and sense of humor but that doesn’t mean they downplay the often very...

Team Cul De Sac Auction Goes Live!

When Richard Thompson was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, fellow cartoonists created Team Cul de Sac, donating original artwork to benefit The Micheal J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. A benefit book is forthcoming, and the artwork is up for auction! Read on for more information, and selected artwork!

Read it and Weep: The Cartoon Crier

Read it and weep! Go have yourself a good cry (probably at a Disney movie). In the tradition of occasionally free newsprint tabloid comics like the one-shot Caboose and quarterly Smoke Signal, a collaborative comic will be available this weekend at MoCCA! Official press release below:

2011 Reuben Award winners

The 2011 Reuben Awards for the best in cartooning and related fields were presented at the annual National Cartoonists Society meeting on Saturday. Richard Thompson beat out Glen Keane and Stephan Pastis for THE Reuben as cartoonist of the year. Jill Thompson won the Comic Book category for BEASTS OF BURDEN, and Joyce Farmer won the graphic novel category for SPECIAL EXITS, while Jeff Parker and Steve Kelley's DUSTIN won for best comic strip.