BY JEN VAUGHN – Read it and weep! Go have yourself a good cry (probably at a Disney movie). In the tradition of occasionally free newsprint tabloid comics like the one-shot Caboose and quarterly Smoke Signal, a collaborative comic will be available this weekend at MoCCA! Official press release below:

The word “comic” has always been a bit of misnomer and The Cartoon Crier hopes to set the record straight. Sorrow and woe is the focus of this free 36-page newspaper tabloid that highlights the work of members of The National Cartoonists Society and of The Center for Cartoon Studies’ community.

The Cartoon Crier will premiere on Saturday, April 28 at The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival (MoCCA) in New York City.

The Cartoon Crier features the saddest strips from iconic comics like Family Circus, Beetle Bailey, Dennis the Menace, B.C., and For Better and For Worse. The Cartoon Crier also includes comics by Ivan Brunetti, Mell Lazarus, Melissa Mendes, Joe Lambert, Tom Gammill, Hilary Price, Laura Park, Richard Thompson, and Mo Willems as well as new work from the paper’s editors Cole Closser, R. Sikoryak, and James Sturm.

The Cartoon Crier will be available as a free download on May 1 from

Jen Vaughn is ready to weep tears in four colors: CMYK.


  1. There is a TON of great work in there: James Kochalka, Lynn Johnston, Mort Walker, Dean Young as well as more from the CCS crowd like Donna Almendrala, Dakota McFadzean, Katherine Roy and MORE.

    Part of the fun is NOT mentioning all names.

  2. Wow… about time the NCS started attending some comic cons!

    Sounds like a good idea for a blog… “Crying in the comics”.

    Hmm… did anyone ever cry in Peanuts? Or was it all “AAUGH!” and plewds?