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SDCC ’19: Matt Groening announces new Bapper Books line

The line debuts with a hardcover and continues as a digital first series.

As their last comic goes on sale today, it’s time to...

Bongo Comics ends its 25 year run today but it will never be forgotten.

SDCC ’17: Watchtower Saturday:

Day Four...   of Five.  DC and Marvel are competing in Hall H today. (Marvel is last, so you'll have to wait for tomorrow...

Comic Arts LA will rekindle your love for comics

Comic Arts LA was a show to make you happy about comics and inspire you for the next 12 months.

Based on these photos, Comic Arts LA was swell

The second annual Comics Arts LA festival was held yesterday, in its first year as a two-day show. It's the Los Angeles stop on the Premiere Indie Comics Circuit, and had a strong influence from the local animation community, as befits its founders, Jen Wang, Angie Wang. Iris Jong and Jake Mumm, several of whom have ties to that community. While I haven't found any detailed write-ups, it seems like everyone was up on their socials, with happy photos of comics and people all backlit with the warm, golden sun of early winter downtown LA.

A short film about Reid Fleming, the World’s Toughest Milkman...

Reid Fleming and David Boswell are two of the great legendary figures of the 80s black and white comics boom – Canadian born cartoonist Boswell created an enduring character in the irascible delivery man Reid Fleming whose bellicose shouts — "I thought I told you to shut up!" — and hostile approach to dairy deposits made him an angry everyman hero. The character became incredibly popular during its '80s run, and a big studio movie was contemplated, with Boswell writing the script, until the project reached a film exec who didn't get the unique, absurd humor of the comic. The rest, as they say, is a cartoonist's life.

SDCC 2014: Watchtower Saturday

  Movie Wars: Saturday Edition *YAWN* DC wins, barely.  They showed the new Wonder Woman costume, and what sounds like an awesome trailer. Marvel?  More cast for "Antman",...

Matt Groening explains why you need an Apple computer…in 1989

In 1989 The Simpsons were still on the drawing board, an cartoonist Matt Groening was a freelance illustrators, and Apple was a rising company whose ungainly, boxlike beige computers boasted lordly hard drives of 40 mbs.

When Matt Groening Started Talking About Quitting

Yes, the world is a little stunned by the announcement of Matt Groening quitting Life In Hell. It isn't like this hasn't been threatened though. Back in November of 2009, roughly two and a half years ago, the Chicago Humanities Festival had a panel on the declining market for Alt Weekly comics. Groening was there. Lynda Barry was there. Chris Ware was there. Jules Feiffer was even there. And back then, Groening was already talking about quitting.

New Logo Mania: Bongo gets new logo, new creative director; Matt...

Bongo is the successful comics publishing company that nobody knows about. Although it will celebrate its 17th anniversary this year, and has mastered the periodical-to-trade business model, and has been happily plugging along publishing essentially creator driven comics for all that time....no one in the comics industry EVER talks about Bongo. Sure, publishing Simpsons comics seems like a no-brainer...but do you think the books would have lasted this long as a licensed title at DC or Marvel? Well, now there have been some changes. And some new branding. It has a new logo to start with—three's a trend! And long-time art director Nathan Kane has been promoted to Creative Director, replacing Bill Morrison, who, we're told, has joined Simpsons creator (and Bongo owner) Matt Groening to work on secret projects.