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Take a TRUST FALL with new comic from Christopher Sebela, Chris...

The new book from AfterShock will focus on a young woman with the power to teleport objects (but not herself) being used by her criminal family.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: In ANIMOSITY #19, the walled city has fallen

The fort of Animilitary has been taken in a coup, the horde of the dragon blown up, and the walled city burned...where do the characters go from here?

AfterShock Comics reiterates commitment to retailers

AfterShock is also planning to advertise on comics podcasts and websites as the publisher prepares to launch its 100th title over the next 24 months.

‘National Treasure meets X-Files’ in new comic DESCENDENT

Writer Stephanie Phillips (Devil Within) and artist Evgeniy Bornyakov have announced a new comic called Descendent, an adventure book that blends conspiracy theories, the occult, and unsolved...

INDIE VIEW: Children adrift in ‘Girl in the Bay,’ ‘Lollipop Kids,’...

John Seven reviews The Girl in the Bay #1, The Lollipop Kids #3, and Malaterre.

Ollie Masters, Eoin Marron Launch New Crime Comic Set in ‘70s...

KILLER GROOVE #1 is due out this May from AfterShock Comics, tackling drunken aspiring musicians, working for the mob, and murder!

ORPHAN AGE is ‘post-apocalyptic Western’ from Anderson, Plati

AfterShock Comics's new book is due in April and set two decades after some unspecified event killed every adult in the world but left children alive.

Zac Thompson to Pen Semi-Biographical THE REPLACER for April

The book, drawn by Arjuna Susini and colored by Dee Cunniffee, is based on Thompson’s own experiences coming to terms with a disabled parent.

DARK RED #1 by Tim Seeley and Corin Howell is about...

The new series from AfterShock Comics looks to address the country’s widening regional class divides and bloodsucking in equal measure. It’s due out in March.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: Garth Ennis twists reality in A WALK THROUGH HELL...

Agents Shaw and McGregor continue to leave the world they know behind, appearing missing to the unsuspecting onlookers nearby as they plunge further into an ‘entirely new dimension of horror.’