unchained-supermanWe knew there was a new Superman title coming up, but we didn’t know the name of it.  Jim Lee and Scott Synder will be teaming up for “Superman Unchained.”  Perhaps we should infer that the Django Unchained adaption is selling well for them?

Synder’s Batman is DC’s shining star on the sales charts, overtaking Justice League which was number one for Jim Lee’s tenure, so it would take a pretty big announcement to bump this one off the throne of most-anticipated new comic in June.  DC’s also kinda/sort tying it into the Man of Steel (film) premiere.  Superman Unchained debuts on June 12, Man of Steel opens on June 15.  If you want a Superman comic after the movie, there’s a new #1 by the top guns on the shelf. 

In recent years, Walking Dead seems like the only comic to pull a film/TV audience into the act of buying a monthly comic. Usually, the comics sales are in graphic novels (provided the graphic novels are clearly marked and ordered).  Avengers Assemble by Bendis and Bagley didn’t explode with the Avengers movie, but we’ll see if outside forces raise the profile with the general public.

On the other hand, you don’t really need a mainstream consumer profile to sell a Lee/Snyder title.

The USA Today article mentions a backup strip by Snyder and Dustin Nguyen, so it’s a pretty safe bet when the solicitations come out, this will be a $3.99 title.


  1. Sounds lame. Unchained? Unchained from what? We all KNOW that chains cannot hold him (unless they’re manufactured out of kryptonite).

    Superman Unlimited or Superman Unbound sounds more appropriate.



  2. Well that more intresting than what he’s been doing since he returned from the grave. Supe has been the most stagnant character I have seen, I’m surprised someone finally changed his costume. I would rather have Luther cut off his scalp then to see Supes walking the globe again.

  3. Huh, I pretty much assumed it’d be called Man of Steel like the movie.

    Of course, if the film flopped as badly as Green Lantern, that’d look real embarassing.

  4. How about ‘Superman Unchanged’.
    That would shock the hipsters. And get Jerry Ordway on it. That would REALLY shock ’em.

  5. Ugh. Why does everything Snyder-related have to have a lurid ’90s “extreme” ascetic?

    It’s going to be more like “Superman Overwritten”.

  6. Maybe he is unchained from sexual conformity? Forget LL and WW, Clark and Jimmy Olsen finally! Let’s really light Orson Scott Cards’ fire.

  7. This comment section is making me feel like I’m excited about this just to spite people. I like Superman, I like Snyder, And I like Jim Lee. I don’t like Superman’s turtleneck/v-neck, but I’ll see if I can get over that.

  8. Can’t say I care for the title of “Superman Unchained” (and yeah, I totally expected this to be called “Man of Steel”) but I’ll check it out regardless.

  9. The title-which is pretty dumb, BTW-brings to mind the Garcia-Lopez pictures of Superman in the 70’s breaking out of chains. But my question is :
    Who put those chains on Supes in the first place? And was Superman sleeping at the time? How did they do it?
    It’s puzzled me since I was a kid.

  10. Kurt Busiek said it best some months ago when he pointed out that every announcement, no matter how innocuous, is met by negativity on these boards. The only thing wrong with the title is that its coming up rather quickly after Django Unchained. The creative team on the book is solid and its definitely something to look out for.

  11. “Kurt Busiek said it best some months ago when he pointed out that every announcement, no matter how innocuous, is met by negativity on these boards.”

    Oh, so Kurt Busiek is suddenly an anointed ‘Miss Manners’ on comic book message boards? I thought he was merely a writer who occasionally would weigh in with his inside opinions from time to time.

    Besides, “Superman Unchained” such a literally stupid title, since anyone with eyes has already seen the well-worn iconography over the decades.

  12. I really like Snyder’s writing in American Vampire. I really dislike Lee’s constant, ‘posing of a pose’ style.

    Having said that, I promise to buy this title if they promise to leave it relatively disconnected from the rest of the 52, and not mire it down with stunts, gimmicks, and crossovers (at the risk of repeating myself). Just let the work stand on its own quality for once, without wringing the blood from it.

    No? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  13. I enjoyed the first TP of Snyder’s ‘Batman’ and ‘Swamp Thing’. I’ll probably get this, but hope that they get Jerry Ordway to draw it after a couple of issues.

  14. I can’t help but think of the fact that Marvel published a title called “Avengers Unplugged” back in the 1990s. It was the era of adding words like “Unlimited” to a title for no particular reason other than having to produce something like 80 books a week to keep your competition from getting too much rack space.

  15. I guess “unchained” is the new “new”.

    At this rate, they should just go all the way and call the book DSUPERMAN UNCHAINED.

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