It’s not particularly grim oop North if you head to the right parts, and you can’t go wrong with Kendal. It’s a lovely part of the world, and the perfect place for a comic book festival. And conveniently that leads me to mention The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, which will see Sean Phillips and Bryan and Mary Talbot as founder patrons. Located in Kendal, the Festival will be setting up tables for it’s first year of existence this October. So it’ll be a beautiful – flippin’ freezin’ – festival.


The festival has just announced the first ten guests, all of whom were lured in with the promise of mint cake galore.

The initial line-up are:

Doug Braithwaite

Posy Simmonds

John Wagner

Carlos Ezquerra

Ed Brubaker

Glyn Dillon

Jon McNaught

Joe Sacco

Jose Munoz

Andy Diggle

Alongside Phillips and the Talbots.

Heavy coats and scarves all round, everyone! Although Andy Diggle already lives in the North, so he’ll probably be able to wear shorts.  Tickets go on sale in May. I imagine The Beat will make their presence known too! S’only a stone throw away from here.


  1. Hey! Unfair! It’s only in October! It’ll still be mild. Thought Bubble is late november, colder, and Angouleme late January, when it’s absolutely freezing. Never seen anybody complaining about the weather in connection with them.

  2. It’s ok, Bryan, Steve has a delicate constitution, so he’s probably referring to that, the poor pet. We’ll bundle him up in thermals and puffa jackets and bring him along.

  3. Bloody southerners – Kendal is roastin’ all year round :P

    What an epic line-up! So very chuffed to see Posy Simmonds will be there. I did get a bit of a fright at the hotel prices though, eek!

  4. It looks amazing! Such a shame it is too far away from where I live! I have fallen in love with comic arts actually at a festival in Vancouver which is listed as one of the top 10 Vancouver festivals! But still there is so much more about it to explore, Kendal is definitely on the list for the years to come.

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