Let’s start out with Dylan Horrocks’ drawing of Alan Moore. Because you can never have too much Alan Moore. Via Lulu Bonanza and Forbidden Planet.

§ Acme Comics has opened a second store.

The 1,500-square-foot store features “geek culture” items ranging from clothing, original art prints and specialty items such as guitars and small tchotchkes featuring comic book heroes.

§ The Advocate profiles Julio’s Day by Gilbert Hernandez and its gay themes.

§ Two years later, Jason Snell revisits reading comics on tablets. Guess what—lots of people are doing it!

When the iPad was first released, I found it to be an excellent (albeit imperfect) comic-book reader. A few years of hardware and software iteration later, it’s a lot harder to spot imperfections. The only problem I have is that I’m now buying several comics a week on my iPad, with the credit card bill to prove it.

§ Something called Neurocomic will investigate brain functions. It comes with a video, above.

Artist Matteo Farinella is teaming up with neuroscientist Dr. Hana Ros to create a graphic novel called Neurocomic, which is aimed at teaching readers about how our minds really work. It’ll also feature giant squids and talking sea slugs, as well as famous neuroscientists.


§ Here’s the latest comprehensive update on Peter David’s condition. Although he’s still recovering from a stroke he suffered 10 weeks ago, he’s also bowling and taking Tai Chi classes. Here’san appreciation of his work.

§ Boing Boing’s monthly comics reviews.

§ Gene Luen Yang’s upcoming doubleheader graphic novel about the Boxer Rebellion is previewed.