Superman has evolved! He has a new power—a powerful solar flare which leaves him -100 energy for a day—and using that power has just shredded his costume, as shown in this discussion of the change Geoff Johns and John Romita.


It all went down in Superman #38, but I missed this until now. I like the new costume with its long sleeves—does it have thumb holes?—and thick soled boots that remind me of my beloved brand Fly London. But beware the trunk factor!

Superman #39 wraps up Johns run on the book. Romita takes over for a couple of issues until Gene Luen Yang comes on board.


  1. Bats – Good morning, Clark.
    Sups – The Batcave, how did I get here?
    Bats – I brought you here.
    (Fascinating dialogue)

  2. Jason A. Quest, When the article points out the dialog in the image is why it’s there, then it’s kinda the point.

    Star Carlton, Bats is the last true user of Google Glasses, which are built into the cowl.

  3. Astonishing what some creators think warrants a double-page splash in 20-page $4 American superhero pamphlets these days.

  4. So, Superman’s costume is no longer made of Krytonian cloth that came with him to Earth.
    This would be a lot easier to know if DC would just tell us what has and has not transferred from the old universe!

  5. It looks like Bruce is a Deep Space Nine fan – those computers look like they are running the Cardassian OS.

  6. The most famous and prevalently featured trophies are a full-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex, a giant replica of a Lincoln penny, and an oversized Joker playing card. The T. Rex comes from an adventure on “Dinosaur Island” (Batman #35, 1946); the penny was originally a trophy from Batman’s encounter with a penny-obsessed villain named the Penny Plunderer (World’s Finest Comics #30, 1947), but was later retconned into being from an encounter with Two-Face. Other “keepsakes” in the cave come from “The Thousand and One Trophies of Batman!” (Detective Comics #158, 1950). These three stories were reprinted in Batman #256.

  7. In the picture where he reveals himself to Jimmy, Superman looks like he’s wearing a Depends adult diaper. I don’t like the long sleeves. They look stupid. Like when he gets a runny nose, he’s going to use them to wipe his snot. I also don’t like that cape. Why is there so much material? Also, what is going on with Superman’s face? It doesn’t even look like him. They should have a standard look for his face that every “artist” should follow. This look isn’t it. Who’s he supposed to be? Those black shadows look ridiculous.

  8. These were my 2 favourite comic characters at one time. But they’re laughable here. Let me know when they look more like real people. The leg muscles are not human: okay for Supie, but not for Batman. They need to have some sort of representation of their ability to pee. Sorry, but I had to say it. Gawd.

  9. DC Comics made a huge deal beforehand that he was getting a new costume in issue #38, which old time fans such as myself thought might mean the return of the classic costume. Wrong. Instead, yes, the boots have returned, but the rest is about the same, though the sleeves are either longer *still* or perhaps are even fingerless gloves — I’ve seen art suggesting both. Either way, what would Superman need to have longer sleeves for anyway? They could only hinder his ability to do his job well, not to mention make it harder to hide the costume in his Clark Kent guise. It’s pure stupidity that has more than served its time.

    I’m a retailer, by the way, and the Superman titles sell poorly in my store compared to other DC books. Of the titles, only Superman Wonder Woman sells all right, mainly because the artwork is superior to the other titles. The Doomed story arc fell flat once Doomsday blew up and Superman started becoming Doomsday. No one enjoyed that.

    Of all the books selling, Future’s End sells great, which is hip-deep in continuity, setting everything up for Convergence, which I fear will now be a big let-down with the announcement that DC intends to focus more on story content rather than continuity.

    At a time when they have just released the long-awaited Multiversity, and Future’s End has set up the DCU with a carefully constructed detailed story that could easily restore every version of DC to a larger Multiversal setting, DC is going completely in the opposite direction, letting all that potential fall by the wayside to instead launch 24 new books that will not necessarily tie into the remaining / surviving 25 books. Very frustrating and disappointing for comic fans in general. It’s like the end of the Superbowl all over again.

  10. @Dan L They told the history of how Superman got his costume in Grant Morrison’s first arc in Action Comics. The suit was found in the Collector’s (Brainiac) ship. It was made from near indestructible Kryptonian nanofabric.

  11. This Solar Flare power of his is stupid. It’s just a rip off of The Human Torch’s Super Nova that also leaves him powerless for a time.

  12. @Chris C Who’s the Human Torch?
    Romita Jr’ art is amazing, he is one of the best in the comic book industry.

  13. Romita, Jr, arguably is one of the best in the industry right now, but that’s hardly a positive statement.

    Apparently, Supes cape is now resistant to gravity, given how it’s hovering away from his right shoulder. And Jimmy’s pants must have taken quite a long time to put on, considering how they’re hugging every inch of his legs. As for Bats, judging from the interesting relationship his legs have to the rest of his body, Bruce must be even less human than Clark.

    This is basic anatomy and drapery we’re talking about here. If that’s the best the comics world can muster right now, that says a lot.

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