For decades, Superman has had a well-known mission statement: “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” As times have changed and comics have become a global phenomenon, though, it’s time for that motto to change as well, and today during the DC Fandome event DC publisher Jim Lee announced a tweaked mission statement for The Man of Steel: “Truth, Justice, and a Better Tomorrow.”

Superman’s new motto better reflects the Man of Steel’s role as a hero for the entire world, not just the United States. It also pairs well with Supergirl’s own motto, “Hope, Help, and Justice For All.”

The news of Superman’s new mission statement comes on the heels of a week where DC announced that new Superman Jon Kent is bisexual, a news story that has received praise from some corners and fandom and drawn negative reaction from right-wing pundits. The change also follows a story from 2011’s Action Comics #900, which saw Superman formally renounce his American citizenship, which drew similar reaction from fans and pundits alike. Look forward to hearing from all of the usual suspects in the wake of the new motto announcement.

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