I updated this headline courtesy of Krishnadev Calamur. HOW could we have missed this?

CB.com debuted a tweaked look for Superman today, along with next month’s solicitations.

The costume is not that different than the last time it got tweeked which was…New 52 I guess. I Lose track. Anyway, here’s the old one and an annotated new one!



EXCLUSIVE  DC Debuts New Costume For Superman.jpeg

1: According to the CB.com guy, the new belt is metallic and less fussy! I think adding a new metallic belt buckle is MORE fussy but what do I know!

2: His cuffs are less fussy! Less airdrag when punching!

3: Superman still has no red underpants over his tights, a look that was common on early superheroes because of the look of circus performers who inspired artists like Joe Shuster. Also, it held your junk in a little more.   There is no change here but who doesn’t want to draw a red arrow to Superman’s crotch?

4: But he did get his boots back! Red boots not those monochromatic blue boots that were maybe slimming but not really. Superman is quite fit; he should show it off with contrasting details!

Here’s the info:


“Superman Black” part one! A “Superman Reborn Aftermath” tie-in! As the smoke clears the Kents are faced with leaving Hamilton to go back to Metropolis, but someone or something doesn’t want them to leave! Batman and Robin discover something is mysteriously wrong with the son of Superman—he’s losing his powers!
On sale APRIL 5 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T


Written by DAN JURGENS • Art by IAN CHURCHILL • Cover by ANDY KUBERT • Variant cover by GARY FRANK
“Superman Reborn Aftermath” part one! Following the epic struggle against [REDACTED], Superman examines his entire history—the birth of Jon, the marriage of Lois and Clark, their lives at the Daily Planet—to discover who tried to destroy his life. Who is waiting in the shadows? Who is Mr. Oz? All questions the Man of Steel cannot answer alone. It is time for him to unite the entire Superman-Family!
On sale APRIL 12 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • RATED T


  1. Why join the throng of comics-haters in calling them “underpants”? They’re “trunks”. I see people at the gym wearing trunks over longer legged pants all of the time—men and women. It’s not hard to understand. There’s nothing stupid about them. It’s just a put-down of comics.

  2. I’ll simply have to wait a little longer until they go back to the original look without glimmering belts, arm bands, head bands and sans trunks. Too many idle creative (sic) minds at DC to try and update a classic look. (Is that you Jim Lee?) If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. OR is this simply another way to sell more toys and merchandising crap?

  3. I don’t know if it’s Didio, Lee or Handsy Berganza making the call, but seriously DC, no one was actually put off by the red trunks, and the uniform just doesn’t balance without it.
    I know you fellas are in over your head with the whole getting people back into your superheroes, but worrying about making it kewl enough to stop snide online chatter is just going to hurt you in the long run – next editorial team will bring back the red pants and everyone will love it and mock the uniform from this period much like we do the mullet era.
    (Those red trunks apparently mean more to me than I’d ever considered before they were taken away).

  4. In this day and age I still cant believe superman is a straight white guy. Maybe they should change him to a gay african american then the books will be relavent again. I’m sure this will bring a new audience more than the color of his underpants.

    Is the african-american Earth2 superman still around? Maybe he could take over?

  5. I’ve only been reading comics for a few years so don’t have the same perspective of the old schoolers, but try as I might I can’t feel the love for the red trunks. They don’t look appealing to me. They don’t balance anything out, colour wise — it fact, for me, it’s the opposite. It’s a big ugly patch of red bang on his crotch area. It’s weird. Plus, they do just look like over-the-top underpants — they sure don’t look like any sports shorts I’ve seen at the gym or while running, and I’m not sure that look would work for him anyway, with the cape and all.

    This new design looks a ton better to me. Blue with red highlights, not blue with overbearing red patches. I think this latest is my favorite Superman design. It looks somewhat feasible that a sane man (or earth-raised alien) of today would actually wear this to look heroic.

  6. I dunno Sam, without the red trunks and yellow belt it looks to me like he’s wearing a onesy!

    Perhaps us ol’timers are just put off by the new design as it feels like a an attempt to get away from Lee/Snyder’s ‘I don’t really understand how this costume works’ design – no trunks, no ‘S’ curl, no ‘M boots’, added armour – and back closer to the classic whilst still appeasing their ego’s.

  7. There’s a reason why Supes, Bats, Spidey, Capt. Marvel, Flash and Capt. America, etc., have the best designed (and evolved) costumes of all time you can only tweak it so much b4 you lose the magic.

    But at least this is an improvement over that Hot Topic belt they put on him last time.

  8. Wow, the comments here are hilarious. Make him a gay black guy? No…just no. The new look is fine, don’t need the ridiculous red trunks, that’s a seriously outdated look. The Man of Steel version was best imo, but this one is fine too.

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