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Okay we have NO idea what this Lindsay Lohan-meets-Superheroes photo shoot is for, but the pics are all over the blogtabs, and they are too good to pass up. Of couse, what with Spider-man’s marriage breaking up recently, there could be even more to this than meets the eye. Or perhaps the troubled starlet has found her knight in shining purple pants!

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  1. That muscle suit is CREEPING ME OUUUT.

    (must not go on about the missing-the-pointedness of a Spider-Man-themed muscle-suit)

    She looks like she’s phoning Batman’s Mum, there. Awww…


  2. Nothing on IMDB sounds like this.

    Although she is dressed in period clothing, wearing the same hairstyle in all three photos, the backgrounds suggest present day. (The computerized bus number, the coffee cup, the Tide box, the sedan, the lingerie displayed in the window, the stroller…)

    It’s a photo shoot for a commercial, and you forgot to mention that Robin was involved as well!

    (Although she might make an interesting Batgirl!)

  3. It’s like a montage of a girl going through her superhero dating life. 1. Dating the muscular guy who is lacking in the manly dept. 2. obviously fed up, she picks the dumpier, yet more bulky, dangerous guy, 3. Unable to deal with the dark and moody one, she lives out her Sex in the City dream and moves to New York to find the father of her child! Ah…


  4. The Hulk has such delicate little feet. Look at ’em! They’re tiny!

    Also: Pity they’re undoing Spider-Man’s marriage in the comics. He’s obviously husband material. Batman, though, looks kind of uncomfortable and nerdy – just the way you’d expect Batman to be on a date.