dark towerVia Marvel PR:

The sensation that swept the comic market is taking book readers by storm as Marvel is proud to announce that Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Premiere HC has topped the Bookscan national sales chart! In addition to being the #1 hardcover graphic novel across all major online retailers—Amazon.Com, BN.Com, Borders.Com, Target.Com, Dark Tower has topped the Graphic Novel chart on Bookscan, and made the top 25 of all fiction hardcovers!

In addition to conquering sales-charts, Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born Premiere HC is also making all of the Holiday Gift Guides across the nation. Ain’t It Cool News, Washington Times, and Yahoo.com have all chosen the collection as a must-have, in addition to Amazon.com naming it the #1 Editor’s pick of 2007.

Collecting all seven issues of the top-selling Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born limited series, this hardcover explores the past of Roland Deschain, hero of Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower novels. Written by New York Times best-selling author Peter David and Dark Tower expert Robin Furth, visualized stunningly by Jae Lee & Richard Isanove and overseen by the watchful eyes of Stephen King—this graphic novel is a must-have for Dark Tower fans new and old!

Critically-acclaimed comic book creator Paul Pope writes in PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY, “The Gunslinger Born is the perfect starting point for those who think comics contain nothing but men in spandex costumes and masks”


  1. After the book that the GN was based on, I think the series started to die for me. Even though I liked the story, I’ve read it already and can’t get too excited about it personally.

    Good for comics = good by me, though

  2. In other words: Last week, well after the November Naruto surge had peaked — and before the December wave has begun — the first volume of Marvel’s Dark Tower adaptation managed to find the top of the BookScan charts. Have I got that right?

  3. No, Dirk, it means that an American comic sold well. Hard to believe, I know. I heard Stephen King is a bestselling author. Dunno if its true.

    I just looked and there are three Occidental comics in the Bookscan top 10 this week. GUNSLINGER is #1, HEROES is #3 and BLACK DOSSIER is #6.

    Dollar wise, these hardcovers are beating Naurto’s butt, btw.

  4. When a long-standing chart-topper falls out of the charts– even if there are mitigating circumstances involved, even if it is likely to return soon– it is notable. I would have expected NARUTO to remain #1 even in an off week, or to be displaced by another non-OEL manga.

    It’s also interesting that DARK TOWER managed to top Bookscan, which charts based on quantity of items sold, despite the hardcover’s higher price point.

    What I’m assuming here, with the benefit of the doubt, is that NARUTO has enjoyed a long run topping Bookscan every single time for months before this. True, yes? Otherwise my lead sentence above isn’t relevant.

    Is so, then sure. “Gunslinger defeats Naruto” might be a trifle provocative and misleading as a headline (“defeat” implies a more permanent victory than is likely here), but hey, that’s blogging. Be provocative or be unread!

  5. Dark Tower went on sale on Nov. 7th. Which it means it topped Naruto (and all other GNs & Manga) in units on Bookscan a month after it has been on sale. It’s not a case of a new book beating an old book, it’s pretty much apples to apples.