200710260248Speaking of superheroic dressing methods, they are about to get the highest accolade possible: a show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art:

The Metropolitan Museum will get a healthy dose of pop culture next spring when The Costume Institute opens its next exhibition, “Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy” on May 7, 2008.
Met curator Andrew Bolton tells WWD, “Originally, it was based on clothing that provided wearers with superhuman powers and that quite literally extended the the natural abilities of the human body, but over the years, we became more interested in the superheroes as metaphors for sex, power and politics.”

Can you say MUST SEE? Mark your calendars.


  1. Interesting exhibit, but I wish they would start the exhibit on April 18th during NY Comic Con. I don’t like going twice in a month to the same city unless it is related to working for Anime USA.

  2. “superheroes as metaphors for sex, power and politics”

    I knew nothing of “sex, power, and politics” when I was 4 years old. I just thought super-heroes were “neat.” I wonder what old Fred Wertham would think of today’s comics?