Mel Gibson is too busy making his Easter Island version of the book of Ezekial, but George Miller is reportedly back for Mad Max IV and there’s a VERY SPECIAL screenwriter.

Considering that you really can’t trust anything that comes from, for now we’re going to consider this just a rumor. Mad Max 4: Fury Road is based on a script from British comic book artist/writer Brendan McCarthy. Unfortunately Mel Gibson won’t be back, but hopefully that will allow for a newer, fresher face to fulfill the role of Mad Max Rockatansky. Maybe someone like Paul Walker or Mike Vogel, or how about shaking things up – Rosario Dawson?

Brendan McCarthy!


Brendan McCarthy!!


We’d hit that.


  1. Brendan McCarthy is a VISIONARY OCTOPOID ORACLE OF THE WONDROUS IN AN UNWASHED THONG level of genius; anywhere I see his name, I begin running towards with intent to tackle and lick like an amorous beagle.

    All manners of God have truly blessed us this day…

  2. McCarthy’s been talking about his intent to be involved in a MAD MAX IV for years. Supposedly what he has in mind includes some WATERWORLD-type post-apoc pirates, unless he’s abandoned that idea.

    Happy that I’ll get to see something new from him; that ish of SOLO was small comfort after years without. Perhaps if this does well we’ll get a ROGAN GOSH or JOHNNY NEMO film of some sort.