The Eightball #22 case may have faded into the sunset, but commentators just can’t stop mining it. Cartoonist Tom Tomorrow takes a look back, with his own pointed commentary.

Also, Joanne Jacobs at offers a measured appraisal, and brings up a notable parallel case:

Then again, consider the case of Kaleb Tierce, an honors English teacher (and assistant football coach) in Tuscola, Texas, who was suspended Oct. 15 for loaning a ninth-grade girl a book by Cormac McCarthy, Child of God, for a book report. The book is on the approved list for advanced ninth graders, though it features a murderer and necrophiliac. Tierce, who is 24, may face criminal charges of providing “harmful materials” to a minor.


  1. Even though it happened a while ago, it was never really resolved. It just simply faded away. Its still an important matter to discuss, because the other option is waiting until it happens again.