As we keep repeating, it has somehow not dawned on civilization at large that its end is at hand, in the form of a cartoon version of SUPERF*CKERS from the folks who gave you Adventure Time. Perhaps this photo from creator James Kochalka’s Tumblr will alert you:

This was one of the best days of my whole life, swear to god, and I’ve had a lot of good days.
Meet Some SuperF*ckers

Well, the first day of recording for Cartoon Hangover’s SuperF*ckers went even better than we could have hoped, in large part due to these folks.

From left to right, there’s showrunner Fran Krause; David Faustino (Jack Krak); creator James Kochalka (Grotus); Veronica Belmont (Grotessa); and Phil Morris (Ultra Richard).

Bud Bundy as Jack Krak? It’s coming.

While the world at large will pay no heed, we will continue to warn you of the coming apocalypse.