The Stumptown indie comics fest took place this weekend in Portland, OR. Reports are straggling in. There’s a Flickr photo pool up which makes it look as adorable as heck. Also, apparently all women cartoonists in the Pacific Northwest are covered with tattoos. We don’t recognize most of the West coast folk, although in the above panel you can see Colleen Coover, Steve Lieber, and Paul Chadwick, among others.

The Stumptown blog has an opening night report and there’s also an Engine thread. We read a bunch of blog reports from attendees, and mostly it sounds fun, although reports on business were mixed. Apparently the big party on Saturday night had some problems at the door, as well.

The DC Conspiracy blog has this:

The show was Friday evening and Saturday night. Friday was busier than we expected, and then Saturday was a little lighter than we had thought. Since this is the show’s first year in a huge location (the Oregon Convention Center), I think it’s a case of the show not quite catching up with the size of the venue. Plus, as several people at the show pointed out, the media sponsor (Willamette Week, a local paper) hardly advertised the show at all.

Jamie S. Rich:

The show overall was a real success for Joëlle and I. 12 Reasons sold extremely well. We signed a lot of autographs, and Joëlle did some cool sketches. I liked her drawings for fans of Death from Sandman, a monkey, and Storm from the X-Men (though, not all in the same sketch), as well as her personal sketches of people in the crowd.

[snip]Both days seemed very well attended, and what I liked was it seemed to me that the cycle of people kept renewing. It’s not a huge room, so anyone coming could scope it out, meet the creators they wanted to meet, make their purchases, and then make room for the next set.

What say you, gentle readers?


  1. I thought the atmosphere was great, but that sales were dismal. Maybe they were all right for folks at the big companies, but as I walked down the aisles I saw a lot of desperation from great artists.