At his always indispensible blog, Mark Evanier posted his thoughts on the origins of the images of the Marvel stamps released last week, and how the USPO itself seems to have incorrectly ID’d the artists. In an update, he gives some more info on the Wolverine stamp:

I received the following from Len Wein, who co-created Wolverine and wrote the comic book he mentions below…and who, more importantly, owes me many lunches and his undying gratitude for my friendship. Len writes…

FYI, the Wolverine image on the stamp is from the splash page to Giant-Size X-Men #1. It’s both penciled and inked by Dave, though the version on the stamp is probably from a bad stat. You can check out any of the 42 million reprints of said issue for verification if you’d like.

BTW, I own the original art from this page. Trust me, the original looks better.

Who cares? It’s only a UNITED STATES POSTAGE STAMP. Why should they bother getting a clear image on it? For that matter, why should they not print their expensive hardcover reprints from eighth-generation stats? Really, I don’t know why consumers (and the artists themselves) aren’t more outraged at the bad reproduction we often get when anything is reprinted.