§ Over at the The Forbidden Planet International Blog the artist known as Ilya is intervieed asbout a new brit anthology with the promising title The Mammoth Book of Best New Manga,a 500 (!) page anthology of non-Japanese manga.

The cover was largely a compromise – the publishers had horrendous ideas – and while the rising sun image is a tad embarrassing for a book deliberately made up of “manga not made in Japan�?, it does make for a strong graphic. I like that the panda suggests the Far Eastern influence, but there’s equal elements of Rupert Bear and Little Nemo to Neill’s artwork in there too. It does seem to best represent the hybrid. As for their story, Bulldog is genuinely widescreen – you can see From Hell and The Authority / Ultimates in the mix as well as manga and anime, what with the mecha (giant robots), anthropomorphism, and the various transformations going on. It’s that good!

§ James Kochalka is interview at Stranded In Stereo:

James is famous for his comics. He’s won the prestigious Ignatz Award four times, the Harvey award once and has been nominated for numerous Eisner Awards. His best selling comic book Monkey Vs. Robot sold over 10,000 copies. His website Americanelf.com averages almost 3,000 hits per day. He has created some things there that are truly great, perhaps even timeless. But comics are only half the Kochalka story. There is also music. James loves making music as much as he loves making comics. His love is so altruistic and genuine he wants to share it with you all. He wants to rock you and everyone you know and love. Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly is his first album that packs the kind of mass appeal that would make that possible.

JK: “…My single most flawless work is Spread Your Evil Wings and Fly. The single best thing that I’ve created is probably that album… I think it’s clear from the music that it’s real emotion. It’s not faked emotion. Anybody who listens to that album can tell it was made by people that are really passionate about music and were seriously trying to make a great album.�?

§ Have you ever wanted to asked Archie comics chairman Michael Silberkleit a question? Now is your chance!

As part of the celebration of Archie’s 65th Anniversary, Archie Comics Chairman and Co-Publisher, Michael Silberkleit will answer 25 questions submitted by fans during the December Archie Comics PodCast. If there is something you always wanted to know about Archie or Archie Comics send us an email and your question may be selected to be included in this celebration.

Sent questions to [email protected]

200610300108§ Wizard has announced the programming for Wizard World Texas, to be held in a couple of weeks. This is the first Wizard show since the reorganization after the Chicago show. In a bit of a sign of the times, there is a LOT of anime, and manga programming. There are also no female cartoon guests listed, although this lady rassler made the cut.


  1. personally I’m very excited over this because I actually know one of the creators, Paul Harrison Davies. Paul’s been working at breaking into comics and children’s books for more than 10 years and was at one point told by Archie Goodwin that his style was too cartoony. Now he’s in a real, honest to goodness book. If you read it and like what he’s done visit him at his blog, http://paulhd.blogspot.com/, and tell him what you thought. He’s also got some cool art on there, check out his picture of Hellboy.

  2. And I would’ve been so ecomonical to have invited, being in the state and all. I bet the lady wrassler will have a better time, though.

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