The Golden Apple, Hollywood’s legendary comics store is moving to a new location on Wednesday, November 1. It will still be on Melrose, but a bit further east, on the corner of La Brea, at 7018 Melrose. Stan Lee will be doing the ribbon cutting on the new location, and later that day there will be a signing with Seth Green (Freshman, Robot Chicken) and David Mack (Kabuki, Daredevil).

We spoke with Sharon Liebowitz a few days ago and everyone is excited about the new location, which is larger and will give them even more opportunities for events. We can’t wait to get out to LA to visit the new locale, even as we recall fond memories of the old one: hanging out in the back in the office with the late, great Bill Liebowitz (who founded the Golden Apple), kibbitzing on every topic under the sun, running into Weird Al Yankovic perusing the stacks, or sitting outside on a mellow California evening during one of the post San Diego parties.

Sharon and son and GM Ryan are planning a big grand opening party at some point which we hope to make, and that’s sure to kick off a whole new bunch of great memories.


  1. I met Frank Miller here. I met Eliot Brown here. I met James Robinson and Matt Groening at a Halloween signing in 1994 here. I met Warren Ellis on his 2000 October Revolution tour here.

  2. Okay, another comment deleted. If anyone wants to post a rational discussion of the pros and cons of the GA’s new venue that is not clearly an ad for a competitor, go right ahead. Nasty, tabloid headlines are only for the Beat to post, however.

    PS; if you are a fan of a rival store, that is also fine. It is fine to say you prefer another store. But we are civilized here, not savages.