THE STUFF OF LIFE: A GRAPHIC GUIDE TO GENETICS AND DNA is a science comic book by Mark Schultz, illustrated by Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon. We’ve flipped through it, and trust us, you WILL learn all about genetics and DNA! We’re pretty sure it will make you smarter just by being in the same room with it.

FSG has also made as animated trailer which you can see right here, with drawings by the non-brothers Cannon.

The book just came out. Here’s a blurb from Jay Hosler:

“The Stuff of Life is a beautifully written and lavishly illustrated example of the power of comics to communicate the wonders of the natural world. Mark Schultz’s words combine with Zander Cannon and Kevin Cannon’s pictures in a dynamic enzymatic reaction that gives readers a glimpse at how life works. Ambitious, expansive and completely successful, the story in Stuff of Life starts on the invisible rungs of DNA and climbs without a misstep across the millennia of organic evolution. Told through the eyes of Bloort, an alien exploring the wonders of earthly genetics, we get to see our evolutionary and genetic heritage in a new light. Often funny and always engrossing, Stuff of Life provides an exciting point of entry for anyone interested in how life on earth shapes and reshapes itself in the face of ever changing conditions. Learning genetics just got a whole lot more fun.” -Jay Hosler, associate professor of biology, Juniata College, and author and illustrator of Clan Apis and The Sandwalk Adventures


  1. Not only that, it made YALSA’s list of great graphic novels for teens! (That news was eclipsed by the Newbery and other awards at Denver.)
    This is not the first graphic novel on the subject, as Larry Gonick published his Cartoon Guide to Genetics some 15 years ago. Much has changed, of course…
    Yay Zander! His NOAA science minis are super cool! I hear he’s working on a NASA history next!

  2. More than one Amazon review indicates that the book has some printing errors (missing and duplicated pages). Has this been fixed with a new printing? This is the only thing that is preventing me from making a purchase!

  3. comicsatemybrain —

    Yep, the revised printing came out last week. Unfortunately, the negative Amazon reviews reflect a small batch of misprints that went out back in December. But all is good now.

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