Nikki Finke reports on layoffs at Fox, including MySpace. The departments cut include the Comics division. We can confirm that marketing manager Sam Humphries, who spearheaded the many comics-related features at MySpace is among those laid off. No word yet on whether the popular MySpace/Dark Horse Presents and Cup o’ Joe features will continue. The Dark Horse series included creators from Joss Whedon to Larry Marder and the results have been collected into two well-regraded anthologies. The weekly Joe Quesada interview feature is also considered a must-read by people who follow goings on at Marvel. BOOM! had been releasing complete comics through MySpace, so it’s become a fairly significant element for several comics companies.

Humphries is another one of the recently laid off who is so smart and capable that we expect him to come back at the head of the next thing.


  1. I just want to publicly than Sam for all his hard work over the last 3 years of MySpace Comic Books. His support has meant so much to me personally and to BOOM! also. Sam’s commitment to the medium to second to none, and what he did a MySpace exemplifies that. My hat is off to Sam for a great run. Here’s to the countdown that has started to see what he will do next.


  2. This might be a good lesson to be careful in partnering with big corporations like Myspace in regards to comics online, because one day they can be there and the next not. Dark Horse is doing a great job with DHP online though. It’s a good example of what other indy publishers should try

  3. I’ll join Chip in thanking Sam for a job well done. Comics would not be where they are on Myspace without him, and Sam was part of the crew at breakfast that morning when we came up with MDHP. We plan on continuing with MDHP, as we’ve already been working with Sam’s replacement for a few months. Sam’s taking this week to make sure things continue moving along.
    Sorry to see Sam leave Myspace, but he won’t be leaving comics.

  4. It’s a shame to see it coming to this. I’d mistakenly hoped that comics would be fairly recession proof. Yeah, what was I thinking?
    The MySpace comics have been fun and I’ll miss them when they’re gone, which appears to be inevitable.


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